Myths & Tips


Foreigners don't like Americans - Absolute poppycock... most folks outside of the USA love to meet and talk with Americans.  Now there is one catch... act like someone YOU would like to meet.  Smiling and humility will go along way.  Many non Americans would like to use their English... they just don't want to look stupid.  That's where your экскурсии из СПб на 1 день willingness to look stupid can be an asset.  Try to start the conversation with something like "Bonjour" (even if it sound like "Bonejore").  Now this won't help if you are in Norway, but I think you get the idea.  When you meet a Greek friend for breakfast, you will hear "Kalimera" (kaliMEra)... which means 'good morning'.  When you respond... there's a good chance it will sound more like "Calamari" which is a 'fish'.  

The French hate Americans  We have been in France many times.  Never have we had a bad experience with a Frenchmen... except a cab driver (can happen anywhere).  One of our French friends tried to explain the situation.  The reputation is more related to Americans who visit Paris.  He said, "It's not that Parisians don't like Americans... they don't like anybody."  Although Paris is our favorite city in Europe, we do love the French countryside and coast even more.  The French folks in these areas cannot do enough to be helpful.  We have countless experiences to support the kindness of the French people.

Single rooms vs double rooms In the US this usually means a difference in price.  Well, not true in most European hotels.  Unless the 'single' is a small child, a midget, or someone you don't want to stay with you on the entire trip... get the 'single' a double.  

Try to fit in When you are in someone else's home, it is common courtesy to respect the way they live.  If the place you are visiting is loud and boisterous, feel free to join in... like a beer hall in Germany.  If you are in the Louvre in Paris, show a little respect for your fellow visitors.  Sometimes we Americans forget to use our inside voices... and mom's not around to remind us <g>.  One thing we have noticed... most Europeans dress their children in beautifully colored outfits, but avoid loud colors for themselves.  A travel wardrobe of grays and other dark colors is very acceptable... and makes packing easier.

Toilet paper Most three and four star hotels will have acceptable TP.  However... some public restrooms, B & Bs, small hotels, and private residences may not.  Stick a small roll in your suit case and carry an emergency supply... just in case.  You probably will not need it, but if you do... you will thank me.

Internet Cafes You can find them in most cities in Europe.  The bigger ones are usually the cheapest.  Hotels tend to be the most expensive.  It's a great way to stay in touch and keep up with your sports teams.  If you have a proprietary e-mail system, you can set up a free temporary account on services such as Yahoo, Excite, or Hotmail.