Customs in Geneva was a breeze – but the rental van experience was a mini-nightmare for Paul – but it worked out OK.  Then, the next adventure of finding our hotel began (Paul forgot to get a map and directions in his frustration at the airport!)… and after creeping through the city … circling endlessly after being given the wrong directions twice (to the Hotel du Midi instead of Hotal Calvy on the ruelle du Midi!) – we found our hotel on a tiny street … almost two hours after landing at the airport!

            Hotel Calvy was small, but comfortable – complete with restaurant and bar.  The showers were unique – drain in a sloped floor!  We unwound with wine and beer from the bar – sitting around the open window in our bedroom so the boys could smoke their cigars – then at ~ 6:00 we walked into town, along beautiful Lake Geneva – with the huge fountain and marina – stopping for cocktails along the river.  We then wandered through the old town looking for a place to eat.   We found a lovely restaurant and after enjoying the outstanding mushroom soup special, Candy and I enjoyed delicious local perch fillets and the guys all ordered the “veal special” – which turned out to be calves liver(!) to Paul’s horror and Dad’s delight.  We shared two desserts – flan and crème brule – yum!  The weather continues to be perfect – sunny days and cool evenings.  Unfortunately, Dad has had problems sleeping on the small European beds “with those g-d duvets!:”

            Our day in Geneva ended with drinks on the hotel terrace.  The next morning Paul and I walked into town to meet Marissa’s sister Catherine for coffee.   It was great to see her again!  She and Paul spent most of the hour telling golf stories, but we were shocked to learn that Steve was injured last Sunday playing tennis – a torn Achilles tendon, which will require a cast for 3 months!  Poor guy….  :=(

            We checked out of the hotel at 10:00, loaded the van, and headed through the beautiful Swiss countryside for France.  We stopped for a leisurely lunch in the little town of Murten – “cute” and VERY Swiss”!  We all enjoyed the lunch special at an outdoor café – pureed potato soup, Schweinbratwurst, rosti (fried potatoes) and salad.  After a pleasant stroll and window-shopping (Dad bought a Swiss pocket knife), we hit the road again.